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    One of the most unusual people you will ever meet, we are here today with a woman who describes herself as a Hu-Cow, literally a human cow, a woman who sells her services as a producer of breast milk for the retail market. For obvious reasons, neither her face nor her name will be made available here. She will go by the chosen name of 'Hu'. So, Hu, why do you do what you do?
    The simplest answer is half right, because I like it. The other, and controversial, half is equally simple. It makes me a great deal of money.
    I'm surprised and startled, both. May we first describe you, and then ask what you do, and how you got to be what you are today?
    Sure. A physical description is easy. I'm a short, fat, extraordinarily busty, fairly pretty, twenty-something brunette. What I do is serve as the human counterpart of a dairy cow, selling milk on the market, the main difference is that I get paid instead of the farmer who owns the cow. How did I get here? That's a much longer story. I can tell it now, or we can fit it into the rest of this talk.
    I rather think we'll do the latter. What you are doing is. as I understand it, right at the edge of legal, and the moral questions are, I suspect, endless.
    Oh, yes! Because what I do is so different, the legal issues surrounding it are still a matter of evolving law. One aspect that I, as an independent entrepreneur, don't have to deal with is the question of coercion, or sexual slavery. In my case, as I'm single, there's no-one, like a husband, who can force me to do what I do so that he, used generically, can profit from it. I sell milk, not sexual services.
    So, you are not the prostitute you have been accused of being.
    Not unless you sell milk as a sexual service. I suppose that that's possible, but I don't do so. And the acts of being milked are not necessarily, or even inherently, sexual. That they are often interpreted that way doesn't make it so. It comes from a very human tendency, which I share, of sexualizing acts which are not to do with reproductive sex. That there is non-reproductive sex I freely admit, but to encompass many acts under the rubric of sex simply confuses an already loaded subject. And it is a loaded subject. There are positions, usually religious ones, which go so far as to call anything remotely considered as sexual as inherently evil. I mean that even sexual acts for the sole purpose of human reproduction are seen as evil, and therefore, sinful. That's unquestionably an extreme position. But it has, and does, exist. On the other extreme, there is the position that any and all forms of sexual gratification are proper and desirable. As people can be, and are, harmed by this is what makes it so extreme. In between these polar extremes are the rest of us, myself included.
     I'll save the question of where you fall in this 'middle' area for later. But aren't there still many legal problems for you?
     Yes, there are. And it's worse because there are many women jealous of something they can't, or won't do. So there is not only legal harassment, but also ongoing civil lawsuits, over what I do. Until the muddle, and it IS a muddle, of legal and moral issues are properly separated, the final decision over what I do won't be solved. The only good thing about this is that civil matters will remain in abeyance until the legal ones are decided first. Both State and Federal courts have already cleared up that much. If I'm not doing something flatly illegal, many of the civil lawsuits will disappear. And if I am found to be in defiance of the law, I'll be in jail, and the winners of civil lawsuits won't have anything left to gain monetary recompense from. So, while annoying, the civil suits are really no more than a nuisance.
     What about those 'moral' issues?
     As I'm not harming anyone, except maybe myself, physically, I'm not forcing any of this down anyone's throat mentally, and I don't seek to harm either marriages or families, the moral issues are internal, and I've long decided that what I'm doing is moral in the best senses of the term. I'll not maintain that is proper and right for everyone, but it IS 'moral'. The only ones economically hurt by this are the sellers of the very few gallons of milk that I replace in the market. And because no-one is compelled to use my service, none who buy it are damaged by doing so.
     So, you deny that you are prostituting yourself.
     Absolutely! Prostitution is the sale of sexual services. What I am doing is, in fact, asexual. In fact, although it is biologically much easier for a woman to do it, a man can, with some difficulty, produce the same milk a woman can. Thus, the sale of this milk is not inherently at all sexual. I can't, and won't deny that I'm selling a service with a specific product, but it's basically meant for babies, male or female. There is no sexual act in this, and, for certain, no baby can result from it. And that is the essential purpose of the sexual act. It's not always used that way, but that is the basic design. 'Nature', if you will, designed the act for the purpose of reproduction. Humans, alone among all species, so far as I know, have added other meanings to the act. But that's NOT what I'm doing.
     You're not denying the existence of payment in this.
     Not at all. It's an excellent way to make money. I like making money as much as the next person; there's no hypocrisy here. I do what I do because I like it, it's easy for me to do, and there's plenty of money to be made doing so. And, as I said before, no-one gets hurt. And I'll go further. I'm lucky. I'm not selling a sexual service or act, but I can, and sometimes do, get sexual pleasure from my work. Ask any breast-feeding mother. There are times when the act of giving your milk-laden breast to your baby can be sexually arousing. It has happened to me. If I can also get off on the feeding, I'm not unwilling to do so. I'll enjoy it. But I don't either expect it, or do it for that satisfaction. When it occurs, it's a wonderful bonus, but that's all it is, a bonus. The combination of potential prostitution, and the money issue, have each come up twice. I've answered the same way both times. Can we move on?
     Sure. How did you, Hu, come to be in this line of work?
     It's half an accident. I'm pretty enough, despite my weight, and smart enough, to be doing many things. When I graduated from college, with a B.A. in English, it was into the teeth of a slipping economy, and an essentially closed job market. I had accumulated student loans to pay back. I needed a high-paying job with a quick return. I won't deal drugs or sell myself into prostitution, both of which can ease the money problem, and quickly. I'm not equipped to be a player in the money markets, either emotionally or by education. I didn't want to teach. What else was/is available? I had no immediate marriage prospects. But I did have married friends. Several of them had babies very soon after graduation, and two of those, who both wanted to breast-feed their babies couldn't do so. I asked if, and how, I could help. One of them told me that unless I could make milk, there wasn't anything I could do. I said, and I quote, "What the Hell. Why not? If I can, I'll make the milk for you and your baby." After she got over the shock, my new job was born. Once we worked out the details, I was making milk and money at the same time. Her husband was supportive; it eased his life two ways. His wife was happier. His baby was fed and contented, and he could afford the expense. Word of mouth did the rest. So, now mine is a flourishing one-woman business.
     Why only you? Surely you can afford to hire others like you.
     Yes, and leave myself wide-open to accusations of some form of pandering. I don't need the extra hassle. Maybe, down the line, if and when the legal issues are resolved, it will be possible. Until then, it's smarter and safer this way. Those student loans are being paid off faster than necessary. When I'm again debt-free, outside of my car, and a house when I buy one, we can talk again. Thanks for listening.
     Thank you for the enlightenment.

The title says it all.


Comments are welcome. Many questions can be asked about both the physical side and the psychology of all this. I'll try to answer the best I can. If you don't like the idea, please object in a rational way. Further, remember that no-one compelled you to read this, so kindly think before commenting.
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Oldfatboy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I found this interview very interesting. I have a female friend who has an extreme fantasy desire to be a Hucow. I will pass this piece onto her. I can't believe in today's world that selling breast milk would be such a legal hot potato. I wonder what she charges for her services. 
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
It's no longer such a hot potato. A lot has changed in the three years since I wrote this. I've seen articles on both milk banks and on hospital use of human breast milk. What hasn't changed is the demand, it's still there and increasing. Given what has been learned about the advantages of breast milk, this is no surprise to me.
Oldfatboy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe that's a job my friend would want to have. A professional breast milk seller. Fits right in with her hucow fantasy and sounds like the money is good. Beats selling blood!
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
True. Among other things, it gets replaced much more quickly, and in far grater volume. (Hah-hah!)
Oldfatboy Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And a rythmic pump beats a big needle any day. Ha ha!
VoraciousBookworm Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
So basically, she is a wet nurse? That doesn't sound too controversial. And selling breast milk to people who can't produce it themselves doesn't sound terrible, either.
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, she is also a wet nurse. But notice that she carefully does NOT deny selling milk to adults for their own use, which is somewhat beyond the duties of a wet nurse. She started as a type of wet nurse, but at least implies that she has gone beyond that. And that she obviously sells, not donates, her milk to hospitals, is also unusual for a wet nurse. So, yes, she could be called a wet nurse, but there is more here than simply that, and in today's litgious society, someone could/would sue if it morally displeased them. And I'll guarantee some crackpot politician would find a way to make an issue of it. For that matter, what are the legal limitations on wet-nursing from a health standpoint? It's more complicated than it sounds, for all that wet-nursing goes back thousands of years.
vavavampire Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
I'd be way more interested in reading about lifestyle hucows who do it as a fetish or are sexually aroused by the process.
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Given what she's faced with in a public interview, she would have to deny any sexual feelings, simply to avoid charges of prostitution. And notice, she never denies having sexual feelings, but she does deliberately avoid discussion of them. Further, she does 'like' what she's doing. My sense is that, if she didn't enjoy it, she wouldn't be doing it.

Thanks for your thoughts. Among other things, they clarify mine, and demonstrate the potential need for a follow-up. If that happens, it won't be in the interview format, which was an experiment. (successful or not is not for me alone to say, but I would <will?> try it again)
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