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    She was quite a pretty young woman despite being distinctly overweight. Unquestionably Hispanic, she resembled no-one else that he knew. Short, very busty, and equally plump, her brown, flashing eyes complemented her slightly chocolate skin. Her roundish face was almost always lit up by a pleasant and slightly knowing smile. By not all standards, but certainly by his, she was sexy as Hell.
    She had other features which were not physical, but very attractive. Quite bright, she was doing all she could to turn her 'Green Card' into full American citizenship. She was happy to accept all the help he could give. She needed no help with the language itself, being fully bi-lingual, and her American accent might otherwise have pegged her as Native-born.
    But she was not otherwise terribly well educated, and needed to know lots more about both History and Government to pass her exam. These he could help her with, and he wanted to. His own background included a good brain, a B.A. in History, and an abiding interest in the U.S. Constitution, and how it made American Democracy, at its best, a wonder of the world.
    He was more than happy to aid her quest. Descended, as are almost all U.S. citizens, from immigrants, he had a great respect for their accomplishments, and saw her as another good one, motivated to work hard and become even more productive.
    So, many days, after work, they found a place to meet, and for him to further her education, often aided by her two favourite snacks, doughnuts and chocolates, plus something sweet to drink. Her frequent use of these snacks fell in line with his desires for her, for he not only wanted to help her gain citizenship, but was entranced by her ripe body. He wanted her, and he was happy to see her eating uninhibitedly. He was also willing to take advantage of her basic indifference to her weight.
    As a result, their shared snacks soon took their toll on her waistline. He avoided this two ways. He made sure that she got the lion's share of the snacks, and he regularly exercised. It was only as her jeans began to get tight in the waist that she even mentioned it.
    "You look fine, dear, and it looks good on you." He then diverted her attention with another question on the structure of U.S. government. She was easily diverted, partly because she was very focused on her exam, and partly because weight was not a serious issue for her.
    Where she had been born, it was preferred that a woman carry weight, and carry it well. Among other things, it meant her family was not poor. Equally, what he said was true, it did look good on her. Her frame could carry weight well, for though short, she was both busty and stocky, solidly put together, and rather muscular, though in no way overdeveloped, nor did she want to be.
    So, as her knowledge of the things necessary to prove her suitability for citizenship grew, so did she. Here, too, in one way, she was lucky. For the added weight was pretty well distributed. Yes, her belly did fatten, but so did her boobs, hips, legs and arms, if not relatively as much. Her face and neck did not, so she remained quite pretty.
    As the test time approached, she was a bit worried, and her diet suffered accordingly. It was only as she hit 175 pounds, at only 5'1", that she considered the problem.
    "I'm getting awfully heavy, and look at my fat gut. It's bulging over my pants, which are too tight everywhere."
    "Maybe, but it's a problem that can wait until after you pass the exam. You've done extremely well, and are as ready as possible. I'm very proud of you. You've worked darn hard, learned well, and will soon be qualified to be a citizen. We'll work on this after you've taken your Oath of Citizenship. And anyway, you still look fine. I have no complaints."
    This was true. He loved that softly fattening body, and had already planned a huge celebratory dinner, followed by a party with her friends. One of the presents that he planned to give her privately was some new clothes, sized to fit her properly. He had to be careful, though, not to offend.
    Two weeks later, she was ready, took the test, and came out looking pleased. "I take that as a sign that you think you did well. I'm not surprised. You're smart, and you were prepared and ready. Shall we celebrate now, or wait?"
    "I'm sure that I did more than just pass, but let's wait until we hear for certain. But now, I'm starving. I want something to eat."
    So, they went to a favourite haunt of theirs, and she 'chowed down', completely eradicating her hunger, while he had a snack alongside. She was stuffed when she was done, but was so happy that she simply didn't care to think about it. And, she felt elated enough to add a rich dessert. He noticed, but was pleased for her sake. With only a wait, this burden would be off her shoulders. His instruction was done, but their friendship was well established now, and he was sure that it would continue.
    She had been right to be elated. When she got her results, she had passed, with flying colours. He duly congratulated her, and asked, "Do you want to celebrate privately now, or wait until the formal ceremony of the grant of citizenship?"
    "This is great enough to do twice. Let you and I have a private celebration of our own now, and then have the big party on that day."
    "Fine with me! Dinner first?"
    "YES!", and so it happened. She, understandably, went totally overboard, having a huge first-class dinner, followed with several rich desserts. She knew that she was overdoing it, but she didn't care. The private celebration was more subdued, if only because she was logy from her gustatorial excess. They both still enjoyed the Hell out of it.
    Several weeks later, they went to the county courthouse, where a Federal judge administered the Oath of Citizenship to nearly one hundred new citizens. There was a reception immediately following for the new Americans, and then they went to the secretary's desk, where she registered to vote. "It's very important, Daisy. Choose whatever party you want, though I advise you to pick one that has a lot of primaries, as that gives you an additional chance to get the people you most like into office. It's your greatest right, and most important duty as a citizen. Also, you have no obligation to vote for that party, but for the best qualified and suitable candidate(s)."
    This was followed by her Citizenship Party, with some friends, and her one relative who also lived in the U.S.A. It was a much bigger blowout than their earlier celebration, and she indulged proportionately. It was an exhausted, stuffed, and still very elated Daisy whom he took home after an almost all-night party.
    The three excesses in only a few weeks had had their effects, and Daisy's dress showed them. Tight in the bust and bulging in the waist, she had obviously put on a lot more weight. But, she felt great, and looked happy and wonderful. They collapsed together, slept well, and had a private lovemaking session only upon waking.
    As he stroked her afterwards, he enjoyed the incredible overripeness of her softened, fattened body. Both her big boobs and her bulging belly felt wonderfully sexy, and both of them came slowly down off of a great high. They then shared a generous breakfast.
    It was only as they got dressed that Daisy said, a bit ruefully, "I've gotten as fat as a pig, and nothing quite fits."
    "You earned the right to those celebratory pounds. Don't begrudge yourself of them. You still look wonderful to me. You're still the same lovely girl I've come to know and love better and more."
    "Thanks, but I'm still fat as a pig."
    "Not as I see it. You are heavy, but you've never been slender as long as I've known you, and you're extremely attractive."
    "You really think so?"
    "I do."
    "I'm not too fat for you?"
    "I think that last night proved that you're not."
    "But look," as she got on the scale, "I weigh just under two hundred pounds. Of course I'm not slender."
    "I never asked, or wanted, you to be. Yes, you're heavy, ("FAT", said she.) but you're still well muscled, and well put together. If you want to lose weight, you can, but I don't think that you really need to." (HE loved that now soft, fat, and even flabby belly, and those very big boobs, nicely pendant in front of him.)
    "If you're sure...."
    "I'm more than sure, Daisy, I'm certain!"
    She accepted this, and with his help, they got her a partial new, properly sized, wardrobe, as he had long planned. "It's a present for our new citizen. Again, my congratulations."
    So, better dressed, and feeling better, she continued on as she had.

A pretty, young Latina is well fed by a friend.


Comments  welcome, and encouraged. This isn't quite done, but is ready for your enjoyment.

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androozie Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
This is a fun and interesting read. Please tell me you have some more of it in the works.
mdy73 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
Great start, i hope for some great new chapters...
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is planned as a one-off, but I'm not quite done with it, so there will be SOME more. However, I might be convinced to do more with sufficient encouragement. (i.e., lots of nice comments!)
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